Croatian word fakat - colloquial word used mostly in spoken language in Zagreb and its surroundings, can be loosely translated to English as really (e.g. "Mi smo fakat tu za vas." - "We are really here for you.")

fakat. is an agency of complete conceptual, organisational and production solutions.

What does that mean?

Follow the yellow dot...

You need…

One, two, three!

You have and idea, a wish or a project?

You have a brand new product that can hardly wait to meet the world? Or you wish to present your good ol’ product in a brand new shiny way? You wish to start a campaign? A festival? Organize a concert, show or an exhibition? A corporate event? A conference? Or perhaps a sports event?

Or you just want, but you are not quite sure what and how?


So, how will you do that?
Where will you start?
What do you need?

Let´s start ...

Strategy? Communication? Promotion? Branding? Press? Market analysis? How many people? Permissions? Locations? Technics, technics, technics? Tech support? Transport? Guest lists? Do you have a program? What about experience?

Instead of wasting your precious time and resources on finding ways and people to cover all your needs, what would you do if we told you that all it really. takes is just one partner and that your search can start and end right ?

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...we offer


It´s very simple!

Whatever stage your idea, wish or project is in whatever sort of assistance you require—from development of a creative idea, to logistics, pre-production, organization, coordination, engineering, and realization itself—we are really. here for you all the way.

fakat. agency

offers you software:

  • idea
  • partnership
  • different approach
  • market analysis before and after the project
  • strategy
  • communication
  • media and PR planning
  • organization
  • coordination
  • visual design, video and audio materials...
  • a team of professional and qualified staff
  • ...

fakat. rental

offers you hardware:

  • light
  • video
  • audio
  • stage construction
  • scenography
  • simultaneous translation
  • a team of professional and qualified staff that operates the equipment
  • ...

...and as a part of Rental Network we can provide any specific part of equipment in a matter of hours.

We really. believe that all-inclusive and turnkey principle, are the best descriptions of our work and that is what enable us to fulfill all the whishes our clients have.

We wish to be your partner – the one you can rely on to be there for you whenever and for whatever you need. We are here to deliver, and you are here to relax and observe your ideas becoming reality.

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Our philosopy

We don’t philosophize, we perform.

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fakat. is here to make sure your every idea becomes a project, and your every project becomes a really. good project!

And that's not all! If you call us today, you will really. get this beautiful set of smiling faces of our employees for free...

  • Marko


    Yes, he works longer than long hours – that is really. true. It is also really. true that Marko is agency´s creative director, financial director and CEO – he does it all. But, above all else, he is a professional parent. Obsessed with off-piste skiing, bikes and mountains. Team´s Great Leader.

  • Lovorka


    Lovorka has a deal with the Universe and tries to cut down Marko´s working hours, which she manages to do. Sometimes. She sings in an a cappella group and grows the best organic tangerines. Officially, an executive producer.

  • Adri


    What she can´t do now, she does right away. Or yesterday. If somebody comes up with a good idea, she turns it into an even better project and when the idea is hers, she loves best to execute the project herself. Word-player in her free time. Her business card says project manager.

  • Cobra


    "You sent us wrong blueprints of the hall? That´s fine, we´ll build a new hall by tomorrow, because approved visuals and scenography can´t be changed now." On-site and project manager.

  • Zvox


    Wizard of numbers and charts. He comes up with ideas and develops them, creates visuals, connects people and does all the things that young people do. Rock ´n´ roll all the way. Project manager.

  • Biff


    Audio man! Holder of an official diploma for audio! The Biff / Daniel Biffel.

  • Silvo


    Sound man aka audio engineer. Systematically engineers audio systems, and he does it well. Bear lover in theory and practice.

  • Kiki


    He does the light and does wonders with it. If he were a colour, he would be a warm shade of dark purple… Spends his free time drawing and programming light for projects that don´t even exist yet, projects that become really. good projects.

  • Gaster


    A superhero that every production starts and ends with. VideoMan is the name. In a loving relationship. Her name is Kawasaki...

  • Tomo


    Quick, efficient, plays all the instruments, cycles all the time. Loves his bike and would like to ride it to all the gigs. His field – sound and audio, micro location – stage.

  • Anamarija


    Code name: Buba. Rarely closes her mouth, but nobody minds it! Google is her best friend. Agency´s assistant – in all three shifts + proofreading, translation, social media – her job is to make sure all the amazing projects and concerts really. good projects and really. good concerts reach the public.

  • Dada


    Dada is a sweetheart who enjoys numbers. And luckily so – as she is the agency´s accountant. She has a long fuse, contagious laughter and a solution to everything. All employees adore her, especially at the beginning of the month.

  • Konan


    Konan. Yes, it´s Konan. But don´t let the nickname fool you – he has a heart of gold. His general field is sound and audio, but he does everything, and does it well.

  • Mussa


    This quiet guy drives any means of transport you can think of. If he were a cartoon character, he would be a Transformer. His field: video. And heights. And wheels.

  • Štef


    He drives everything, sets everything up, tears everything down. You can give him any task and each one he will do with a grand smile. Štef - parameter for a reliable.

  • Penić


    Meticulous and precise, as is the electricity he works with. A person to rely on, for every sector. But still - lighting is his speciality. When not around electricity, he is around water. Fisherman with fisherman's patience.

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Contact & Social Networks

If you have a question, an idea, a wish or a project, reach us on:

Follow us on:

Send us a letter:
Pavla Hatza 14
10 000 Zagreb

Or stop by for a cup of coffee.
Same address.
First floor.
...above the groundfloor.
You know what - just follow the yellow dot!

Thank you for scrolling and we are looking forward to our cooperation.

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